Campaign Sites (or microsites) from are the latest recruitment tool offered to help our clients recruit the best talent. Each Campaign Site is a purpose built mini website creatively designed to engage and attract the job seekers you want to recruit.

What are they?

  • Creatively designed mini website with the space to inform and educate
  • Innovative and prestigious recruitment tool, designed to raise profile and employer brand
  • A platform to promote partnerships, external funding, and awards that set your job opportunities apart from competing organisation's
  • With content and ideas supplied by you, we will develop and project manage the process from concept to live date - quickly, easily and without excessive cost

Why do I need one?

To attract the best people, you need to equip job seekers with all the facts and information they need. To achieve this Campaign Sites focus on answering the questions of job seekers and presenting all the opportunities and benefits available for a particular job. Unlike your website, the Campaign Site can be highly specific, allowing job seekers to fully understand a role, its demands and how it fits within a team. This extra information works as a filter with job seekers selecting, and perhaps more importantly deselecting, themselves from applying if they don’t meet the demands of the job.

Providing in depth information allows the recruitment of informed and committed staff. This will ultimately improve the quality of applicant at interview and beyond.

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Project Brief : To develop a Campaign Site to promote four Head of Department vacancies in the Faculty of Technology.

Results : 4,641 visitors & 50 applications from high calibre candidates

“The Campaign Site was an innovative and dynamic recruitment tool that generated a high level of appropriate applications. It was easy to set up - made the processes straightforward and pain free. We are going to be using Campaign Sites again for future recruitment drives.”

Rachel Barbrook, HR Services Team Manager, De Montfort University